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Skincare Ideas To Maintain Your Skin Glowing

By Susan Murphy / August 9, 2019

Good care is essential to keeping the skin healthy, soft, smooth and fresh-searching. Somewhat understanding can produce a big improvement. Whether you want to capture 10 years off how you look or heal a frustrating rash, below are great tips to maintain your skin searching and feeling its best. An excellent skincare tip is to […]


Dark Circles Cream

By Susan Murphy / January 28, 2017

Dark circles are the most common beauty problem and thousands of people suffer from them. Dark circles can occur at any age and are more common in women. Dark circles can be effectively treated if the right remedy is tried.Many people recommend home remedies for treating dark circles, which include using of potato slices, tea […]


Where to Find Tag Away

By Susan Murphy / February 22, 2016

A significant number of people the world over suffer from skin tags, and even though skin tags do not present people with any medical complications, given that they are benign growths, the cosmetic effect they have is what people wish to do away with. However, with there being various methods and products that people can […]


How to Remove Skin Tags At Home

By Susan Murphy / October 28, 2015

You might have already tried a few skin tag removal products on the market. You’ve probably found that they don’t work either! This is because many skin tag removal products are blade-based. Sounds painful, doesn’t it? While many of these products include a numbing gel to decrease the chance of any physical discomfort during the […]


Where to Buy Tag Away

By Susan Murphy / October 16, 2015

Here is what a couple of users had to say about their experience with the product: Long gone are the days when people with skin tags were forced to simply “put up” with these unsightly flaps of flesh. Today, it’s possible to have these removed from the privacy of your own home. This is done […]


Rumors, Deception and Tag Away

By Susan Murphy / August 22, 2015

The University of Michigan, in its “Handbook for the Non-Dermatologist”, suggested that diagnosis of a skin tag’s identity is usually made on the same basis for medical professionals as well as common folk: appearance. It was called “clinical appearance”, but this begs the question of whether or not a dermatologist should really be consulted for […]


Dermasil – Advanced Treatment Lotion

By Susan Murphy / June 19, 2015

The clear nail polish method involves a starvation of air flow, as does the duct tape method. (In fact, a 2009 study quoted in the National Institute of Health seemed to use a version of the duct tape method, calling the device “a flat adhesive patch”.) In these cases, 3-6 days is often recommended for application, until […]