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Where to Find Tag Away

By Susan Murphy / February 22, 2016

A significant number of people the world over suffer from skin tags, and even though skin tags do not present people with any medical complications, given that they are benign growths, the cosmetic effect they have is what people wish to do away with. However, with there being various methods and products that people can […]


The Ultimate Tag Away Trick

By Susan Murphy / September 12, 2015

Although the television promos for Tag Away seem very promising, I wanted to find out just what real users are saying, and decided to carry out a little research on my own. Having gone through multiple reviews, what I found out was interesting, to say the least, and here are excerpts from a few. What I’ve gathered […]


How to Remove Skin Tags

By Susan Murphy / August 12, 2015

There’s no payment plans, no additional products to buy, and most importantly, there are no hidden costs! At this time, Tag Away can only be purchased with a credit card and all of the major credit cards are accepted (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). It is not known whether or not the manufacturer will […]


How to Choose Tag Away

By Susan Murphy / May 3, 2015

Although the three to eight week period might seem a little longer than other alternatives, take into account that this is an all natural method, is not invasive, and is considerably less expensive than most other options. Tag Away, as mentioned, is made using natural ingredients, and these include Thuja Occidentalis, Cedar Leaf oil, Melaleuca […]

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