How Can Gums Grow Back?

Natural Cures To Fix Gum Recession

Can gum recession be fixed? There are certain things that you can do at home that may help you prevent the development of gum disease and help you cure from this immediately. The pink looking gums will turn into a deep red due to inflamed gums and bleed easily when brushing your teeth or when use tooth floss. Because of gum bleeding teeth can’t be cleaned thoroughly. Gingivitis is often curable by complete care of the teeth with out long-term damage.

Can Gums Regrow?


Pregnant women might also develop a severe form of gum disease due to hormonal problems. After the post-partum period, the woman usually returns in just 14 to 21 days.
When gum disease is not treated, gum inflammation can damage the anatomical structures of your teeth deeply. Inflamed and irritated gums detached from the surface of the teeth. The result is a gum pocket, which is colonized quite quickly by bacteria as the toothbrush isn’t sufficient. The plaque calcifies below the gum to tartar. The tartar may also lead to advanced form of swollen gums or gum inflammation. The supporting tooth bones are included in the process. Your tooth bone tissues can be damaged by gum inflammation. The tooth actually starts to loose and ultimately falls out. The gums often remain at their normal height despite the loss of bone tissue. It may also reduce in size, in such case your teeth seems to be longer.

Treatments For Gum Recession

Whenever your gums start to recede, you can get gum disease. Tooth bone tissues are affected by gum disease. You have to see your dentist instantly if you think that the gums are receding. However, you can also use a home treatment for the growth of gum line. With little medical evidence that these substances work. Make use of them carefully and do not see them as an alternative for brushing and flossing your teeth as well as regular dental consultations.
– Method One Use the paste over the gum line

One – Use the mix of sodium bicarbonate and water. In a cup, mix 3 tbsps . of soda and 1 tea spoon of water. Make a thick paste by adding water to the mixture. You have to mix water and baking soda properly. Make use of this solution if you use soft drinks which are a lot harmful to your gum line and teeth also. You might also use the mix of sodium bicarbonate with coconut-oil or olive-oil rather than water.


Receding Gum Grow Back

2 nd – Use this mixture on your gum line. Use this solution by using your finger. Lightly massage the gums with your fingers to make small circular movements. You can also apply the mixture to gum line with a soft toothbrush. Massage your gums very carefully for 2-minutes. Use the mixture to the gums two or three times a week.

Three – Make a spice paste. Mix turmeric-powder with water to prepare a thick-paste. You may apply the paste with a soft-bristled brush. When the toothbrush is very coarse, use your fingers to massage the paste into the gums. Leave the paste in the gums for a few minutes then rinse the mouth.

Method-2 Use ozonated olive oil

1 -1 – Use ozonized oil (Glycozone). Ozonized olive oil is olive oil that has been cured so that the oil better fights harmful bacteria and microbes in the mouth. During this procedure, the green-olive-oil becomes a white-colored solution. You can buy ozonized oil on-line and food shops as well. It is often found that ozonized olive oil remedies gums and reduces the the signs of gum disease. You may store this oil at room temperature or in the freezer or fridge without sun-light. The majority of people have had effective results, but the only technique to prevent gum recession is to visit your dental office regularly.
Two – Brush your teeth regularly. Brush your teeth using a soft bristled tooth brush. After Brushing the teeth, floss your teeth to remove food deposits. Essential olive oil is more effective if you cleanse your mouth before treatment. Do not brush your teeth too hard before using the essential oil.
3 – Apply the oil to the gum line. Fingers and toothbrush also used to apply essential oil on the gums. Massage yóur gums using the essential oil for Ten minutes. After using the oil, it is important not to eat and drink for 30 minutes and don’t rinse your mouth.
Method Three Receding Gums Treatment Using Essential Oil


Receding Gums Grow Back Naturally


1 – Put one tables-poon of essential oil inside your mouth. Use of oil is most beneficial to remove harmful particles from the mouth. You can use sun flower oil, coconut oil and sesame oil. Try blending coconut oil with other essential oils such as palm oil, sesame oil or sun flower oil, and you can rinse your mouth with oil. Children from 5 to fifteen years can only use 1 teaspoon of oil. People of India prefer sesame oil. Sesame oil includes many anti-oxidants, and this oil is known to make your teeth and gums stronger.

2 – Use oil to rinse your mouth. Rinse the mouth using essential oil for ten-to-fifteen minutes. The oil turns milky white color. If you can’t keep the oil in the mouth for ten to fifteen minutes daily, start with 5 minutes and keep oil in your mouth longer and longer. This can be done early in the morning before eating.

Dental plaque is the major cause behind gum disease. If you treat your gums with oil daily, you will suffer less from accumulated plaque within 10 days. This treatment solution is not suggested by the dental offices but used for several years to improve gums and teeth health.
Method no. four: Receding gums treatments options with appropriate oral-care

1 – Understand what the causes of receding gums are. You can find many factors that may cause gum recession. The dentist can help you find out the risk factors included. The common causes are: cigarette smoking, aggressive brushing and genetics problems.


How Can Gums Grow Back?

2 – Brush your teeth two times a day. Use a soft bristles tooth brush. Hold the toothbrush at Forty-five degrees angle with gums. Brush forwards and towards and don’t apply force on your tooth brush. And then make down and up lines by pulling the gums towards the teeth as it was using the brush. To stop re-curring gums, you must brush your teeth thoroughly. Ensure yóu brush all surfaces of yóur teeth. Buy a new toothbrush every three to four months. Should the tongue afterward remove harmful bacteria.

3 – Use dental floss regularly. Flossing is also important brushing alone can not eliminate the germs appropriately. Take Forty-five centimeters of floss and cover the ends around your middle fingers. Make a C-Shape when you rub the floss between the teeth as well as the edges of your gums. Beware and don’t pull the filament hard in the gums. You may use dental floss, a toothpick or a user-friendly fray. Ask your dentist which tool suits you better.
4 – Consult your dental office regularly. How many times you visit your dentist depends on the health of the gums and teeth. Adults must visit the dental office at least one time a year. The dentist will concentrate on the prevention of cavities and other dental issues, as well as the health of the teeth and gums.


Do Gums Grow Back Naturally?

When you have gum recession, you must talk to your dental physician in order to give you the very best all-natural cures. If your dental office thinks you need a specialist and more intensive treatment, refer to a professional. A specialist can perform special treatments and surgical treatments to stimulate the growth of gums. This type of treatment is very expensive.