How to Remove Skin Tags At Home

You might have already tried a few skin tag removal products on the market. You’ve probably found that they don’t work either! This is because many skin tag removal products are blade-based. Sounds painful, doesn’t it? While many of these products include a numbing gel to decrease the chance of any physical discomfort during the removal, there seems to be a mental block for many users in between numbing their skin tags and actually bringing a sharp blade to their skin.

It’s actually a form of self harm if you think about it! It’s understandable why so many of these products don’t work for so many users. I sure wouldn’t want to willingly cut myself!

Fortunately, the creators of Tag Away did away with those archaic practices and released something that doesn’t involve any knives, razors, or blades whatsoever. It is a herbal gel that is applied directly to skin tags.

With frequent use, users will find that their skin tags become hard and brittle. As this occurs, the skin will lose its elasticity and bonding with the wearer’s skin to the point that it simply falls off. The product is simply that: a bottle of a herbal remedy that is applied using a cotton swab.