Rumors, Deception and Tag Away

The University of Michigan, in its “Handbook for the Non-Dermatologist”, suggested that diagnosis of a skin tag’s identity is usually made on the same basis for medical professionals as well as common folk: appearance. It was called “clinical appearance”, but this begs the question of whether or not a dermatologist should really be consulted for something as simple as clipping off a bit of extra skin.

Of course, most people don’t have electric currents handy (for burning off skin tags), or liquid nytrogen (for freezing). However, most people have sharp scissors and small Band-aids. In these cases, paying around $150 for a procedure may not be a bad idea. A spa, such as Miracullum, costs slightly less, between $75 to $125. The process is relatively pain-free, especially if the thick-stalked skin tag has been treated with a local anesthetic. Also, the threat of infection or scarring is much lower in a professional’s office than a home.