The Characteristics of Tag Away

At the same time, since skin tag removal is often considered to be cosmetic, insurance doesn’t often cover the cost. This should be taken into account, especially if there are multiple sites to be treated. If the skin tag grows back, or turns out to be malignant, you may be looking at increased costs.

Topical creams are either made of chemical or all natural ingredients. Certain advertised homeopathic remedies cost between $20 to $30. Tag away Home remedies are gaining more popularity not just because they are proven to work but because they’re known to be safer. To know more about an all-natural solution for skin tags, read our review on Tag Away.

Other home remedies cost nearly nothing: scissors, Band-aids, vinegar, baking soda, castor oil, etc. The only danger is of infection, if an antibiotic cream isn’t applied afterward, or if the scissors aren’t sterilized. So long as it is a benign skin tag and not a malignant growth, the process also shouldn’t take much time.