The Ultimate Tag Away Trick

Although the television promos for Tag Away seem very promising, I wanted to find out just what real users are saying, and decided to carry out a little research on my own. Having gone through multiple reviews, what I found out was interesting, to say the least, and here are excerpts from a few.

What I’ve gathered is that although Skin Tag works, it needs to be used consistently. Hadeesh, in his review, points out that his skin tag has gotten visibly smaller with consistent use; David complains of having to use it as often as required; and Rusty, happy with the results, wonders if people who aren’t happy with this product use it as often as it should be used.

Calling a skin tag an “acrochordon”, Oprah website contributor Valerie Monroe says that a dermatologist will use one of three methods for removal: snipping, freezing, or burning. (Official names are surgical removal, cryotherapy, and electrodessication.)