Where to Find Tag Away

A significant number of people the world over suffer from skin tags, and even though skin tags do not present people with any medical complications, given that they are benign growths, the cosmetic effect they have is what people wish to do away with. However, with there being various methods and products that people can turn to in getting rid of skin tags, deciding which route to take can be confusing.

If you suffer from skin tags and don’t know which product to turn to, you will benefit by going through this article that lists some of the best tag removal products available in the market today, and I’ve put this together after going through scores of user reviews written by people who’ve actually used these products. So, here goes.

H-Skin Tags is made by Amolis, a reputed natural remedies company, and is aimed at removing skin tags. It is made using melaleuca alternifolia, aloe vera, limonium, and cedrus lycea; and this all natural product can be used to remove skin tags anywhere on the body.  Scarring and irritation is not a concern when using this product. It does, however, take in between two and three weeks to work; and it also emanates a considerably strong odor.

H-Skin Tags is offered in two size alternatives; the 33 ml jar costs $69.95, and the 11 ml jar costs $29.95. In addition, its manufacturer offers buyers a 60 day money back guarantee.

Although not made specifically to remove skin tags, a number of people turn to using Dermasil’s Advanced Treatment Lotion to remove skin tags, as it is believed that it can have a positive effect in removing them. Made using ingredients like helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, borago officinalis seed oil, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, magnesium aluminum silicate, etc; this product might not produce similar effects with everyone.

The manufacturer offers this product only in the form of cases, with each case comprising of 12 packs. The 8 oz case of 12 is priced at $30.00; and the 16 oz case of 12 is priced at $60.00. If you wish to buy individual units, you will have to buy it from a different source.

Compound W Freeze Off is essentially meant for removing warts, although a number of people have used it to remove skin tags with some success. This product aims to replicate what doctors have done for quite some time, although it allows users to do so from the comfort of their homes. It is supposed to work by applying really cold foam onto the affected area, thereby freezing it in the process, and when it comes to warts, it can remove them in around two weeks.

Using this product requires extreme caution, and this is because it can have an adverse effect on the surrounding skin that it comes in contact with, thereby requiring very careful application. Also, its efficacy in removing skin tags is yet to be fully established. Compound W Freeze Off can be purchased through retail stores and online platforms like Amazon, and for varying prices.

Tag Away is another product that is designed especially to remove skin tags, and this all natural product comprises of thuja occidentalis, cedar leaf oil, melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil, and ricinus communis seed oil. Thuja occidentalis, its primary constituent, has been used to treat skin ailments, stress, anxiety, digestion, and immunity.

Tag away, as reported, offers users a relatively pain free and chemical free way to remove skin tags, and it does not result in scarring or pigmentation. What can be looked upon as a drawback when using Tag Away is that this product needs to be used consistently, but as long as the instructions are followed correctly, users do stand to benefit.

This product is meant to remove only skin tags, and does not work with warts and moles, and if you aren’t sure of what you’re dealing with, asking a medical professional is advised. In addition, using it when pregnant or lactating is not suggested.

Tag Away, when purchased though the manufacturer’s website, is available for $19.95 per 10 ml bottle, and $29.95 per 15 ml bottle; and for a limited period, buyers stand to get one bottle free with every purchase. Also, the manufacturer offers buyers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Although skin tags present no danger from the medical standpoint, the effect they can have on a person’s appearance, and therefore, esteem, can be less than pleasing. The rising number of people looking for products that can be used to remove skin tags, therefore, is not really surprising.

Going by pricing coupled with what users of these products have to say, it is safe to say that Tag Away is your best bet when it comes to removing skin tags from the comfort of your home. This product, after all, provides users with an all natural way to remove skin tags, and it is quite easy on the pocket as well. For more information on this product read our Tag Away review.